Friday, May 21

Dear John

I had started reading Friday Night Knitting Club. A few days later a friend lent me a copy of the Lost Symbol. I was disappointed but glad I read it. I was about to go back to Friday Night Knitting Club when Missy and her sister (Mandy) decided that we should all read a book together. Mandy picked Dear John. I had wanted to see the Dear John movie but never got around to it. Back to Dear John...we are supposed to ready chapter 1 by June 1st. I'm on chapter 7, I think. I called Missy to rub it in. Missy, unlike myself, has three kids and a spouse that works different shifts than she does. I don't know how she will finish the book. I want to finish the book by the 25th so I can rent the movie.

I plan to throw The Help into the mix at some point. Monica's about to start her summer vacation which means she'll probably get her hands on some pretty good books - if I'm lucky she'll pass them on. So, while I'm pretty bummed that the shows I watch have ended for the season, I get to focus on books. The best part about books, is that I don't have to wait a whole week to see what happens next like I do with television.

Enough about reading.

Paige's game was cancelled, and I didn't get Paige to dish much on Field Day. They had a bounce house and some relay races, but by the time I got my hands on her the meds had warn off and her mind was on other things. LOTS of other things.

Today was Paige's Fake Birthday at school. I don't full understand the concept, but Paige was pretty into it. We sent in special birthday treats, and she got to pick seven friends for something. No idea what. The best answer I could get from her was that she got to pick seven friends to sing Happy Birthday to her. Seven, because that's how old she will be on her next birthday. Unbelievable, isn't it?

I baked cupcakes tonight for my party tomorrow. Strawberry and butter pecan. I had some leftover batter of each and got creative. I blended them. I'm pretty sure they'll taste like a foot, but kids will eat anything shaped like a cupcake - so I'm good. I'm actually pretty excited about the cupcakes. I used Wilton sugar balls (think large sprinkles), and Duff's silver spray. I'll snap some pictures tomorrow. Proof that I can behave in a relatively domestic manner when I really want to. And for those of you who have not yet died of shock - I cleaned the house too.

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  1. The things about you Krista - is that you claim to be domestically challenged but you're not. You're not anything challenged as far as I can tell. You are the person who can pick up anything she wants and do it well - very well - on the first or second try. I think you think you aren't good at domesticity because you are a perfectionist (there I said it) and you always see the one teeny flaw in all of your beautiful creations.

    I love you for it.

    You'll be receiving the bill for this session in the mail.