Thursday, May 6

Game One

Paige’s first tee ball game was tonight. She’s improved a lot since the first practice, but we’ve been working pretty hard. As hard as I can expect her to work anyway. By the time we get home, we’ll only get in about 5-10 minutes of catch and about 10 swings until she’s had enough ;)

She had a hard time standing still while fielding, and ended up playing in the dirt a lot. In all fairness though, I did try to glam up the possibility of playing in the dirt – so she was looking forward to it. I was afraid she’d be prissy.

She passed the girl in front of her while running bases, but  a lot of kids did that.

She didn’t want to keep the batting helmet on so she took it off and ran it back to the dugout after she got to first base. She lost that argument and paced back to first with helmet on head.

She did get a home run (not warranted, she simply didn’t stop running when she was supposed to). She has a long way to go, but so do most of the other kids. Some of those little buggers are really good though! I’m very impressed.

I did get a few pictures but I had a slight oversight. I’m used to processing and blogging on my laptop – which has an XD card reader built in. I’ve lost my USB cable that connects my camera to my computer because I’d never had a need for it. My new computer has an MS, SD, and CF card reader, but no XD. As we speak, J’s running to the store to get me a CF (which I’ve wanted for a long time actually). I think I can transfer the files from the XD to the CF card while they’re both in my camera, but I’m not sure. Either way, pictures to come soon.

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