Tuesday, May 18

More Tee Ball

I missed Paige's practice last week (working) but I was told she's the fastest kid on the team. It shouldn't surprise me with her freakishly long legs (not unlike her mother). I know she's fast, but I thought all kids were fast. She tried to hit the ball without the tee unsuccessfully. She's typically quick to give up when things get tough, but she tried a few more times before asking for the tee.

As a reward for working so hard at practice, Jason stopped to get her some ice cream (and me some cheese fries). When they got home, Paige comes in with a chocolate dipped cone. She had never had one before. She told me that she found a way for J & I to help her be quiet. I was amused. I asked J what that was all about. The following conversation had taken place on the ride home from DQ.

J: "Paige?"
Paige: (~~silence~~)
J: "Is that good?"
Paige (~~continued silence~~)
a few minutes pass
J: "I think this is the quietest you've ever been."
Paige: "Yep. Now you know what to do to make me be quiet."
(insert wicked child smile here)

I told her a few days ago that I needed some quiet time. She raised her eye brow and told me that I know what I have to do to get her to be quiet. "Beat you," I quietly thought to myself.


Game #2 was cancelled due to inclement weather


I took her to practice tonight. She seems to be improving, and she seems not to have lost interest yet. Her lack of attention seems on par with the rest of the kids :)

Game #3 is scheduled for Friday. It's supposed to rain.


Coming up:
Field Day
My Graduation Party

Stay tuned.

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