Saturday, June 19

Knocked Out

Cady had a good appointment with Dr. Endo. She had been so excited. She smiled the whole time, giggled, and charmed the pants off of everyone she talked to (nothing unusual - lol).

She’s 31 pounds and 3 feet 2 inches tall. I wasn’t sure if it was because she’s been wearing shorts lately, but I’ve noticed that her legs look really long. She’s still small compared to her friends, but she genuinely looked tall to me when she was by herself. Her weight puts her between the 5th and 10th percentile and her height puts her between the (GASP) 10th and 20th percentile.

She’s doing great. We haven’t gotten her labs back yet, and I suspect her levels may still be off since her weight/height ratio isn’t as close as it had been. The patient lab was closed on the physician side of the hospital, so Cheri drew her blood (finger stick) so that we wouldn’t have to walk to the other side of the hospital. I reminded Cady that the finger stick would hurt for a second, then Cheri was going to squeeze her finger. She gave me this ‘duh, Mom’ look. As promised, Cheri pricked her finger. Cadence gave her this ‘how dare you!’ look and yelled at her. I explained to her that I told her what was going to happen and how yelling isn’t an appropriate reaction. I am terrified of what her teen years will bring.

While we were there, a helicopter arrived. This time though, a patient was being transferred out. The child was packed in red plastic blankets and followed by a red tank, which I’m assuming might be oxygen. I had to wonder what was so bad that he/she had to be transferred out of a hostpital with excellent facilities. I focused back on the patients in the waiting room so I didn’t think about it.

Cadence was pretty warn-out by the time we left. I headed to my parents’ house to meet Monica. Cady was out cold when I got there.
She fell asleep with a sticker in each hand

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  1. I love that second picture! Reminds me of all of Gabriel's weekly shots (which we recently wrapped up) and the stickers he got and the passing out on the drive home.