Tuesday, July 27

They make me smile

The benefit of being a School Psych is that you don't have to work in the summer - that would be the life of my dear sister.

I'm reaping the rewards of her being off this week - she has agreed to watch the girls most of the week so they can go to VBS.

Yesterday was day 1. Everyone survived. I know Monica's tough and everything, but she had both of the girls in addition to Austin. All three are saints on their own - but together... :D

Despite embarrassing me horribly and making me feel like a horrid mother, it seems to have gone well. I won't get into details here to avoid the humiliation of both of my girls, but I do want to apologize to my sister so having to witness it. Although I'm willing to bet once she got over the shock she laughed hysterically.

Today M had her orientation in StL for next school year so the girls went to daycare. M called to tell me that she had witnessed, first hand, the obnoxiousness that is my girls. I've been complaining to her about how the girls won't take no for an answer. They present valid arguments, and I'm all for developing strong independent women - but I'm also a control freak that doesn't like having to argue. When I say no - I mean no. Sometimes things just aren't debatable. Paige and Cadence strongly disagree on that.

Monica agreed to take the kids swimming at 3:30 yesterday. Paige asked M every few minutes if it was time to go swimming yet. After some pretty solid negotiation, M finally told P that if she asks again she will be watching everyone else swim. What do you think P's next move is? Dare she ask again? Part of having ADHD is being impulsive and impatient. She just CAN'T wait. She did not ask again...she sent in Cady do to her dirty work. C got the job done, and swimming ensued.

Thanks Awesome Aunt M for the fun day - I'm sure the rest of the week will be just as delightful.

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  1. I think you have a couple of future attorneys on your hands.