Saturday, July 31

Yarn stuff

I've only found one yarn shop that's not considerably out of my way. They sell super cute yarns like this one: I love unevenly spun, fun textures. This is's not bad, but it's not as chunky as I'd like.

I watched a lady spin yard on a drop spindle and thought it looked easy enough to try. I made a drop spindle and bought some wool robing. It's itchy, and I'll likely never use the yarn I spun from it, but it was cheap.
I spun the wool, and some cotton batting, and some nylon. I grabbed some light purple dye and got to work.

All of these stayed in the dye for about an hour. I had every intention of keeping it in for 30 minutes but I got distracted.

The cotton started out white and didn't hold much color.

The wool started out an off-white, almost light tan color. It's a weird shade of purple, and it's itchy - I still have no idea what I might use it for.

The nylon is my favorite. It's a dark rich purple color and it's really stretchy.

So now I just have to figure out what to make with these.

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  1. (My first comment was lost in cyberspace... I think) (I will attempt to recreate it)

    You spin your own yarn?! Is there anything you cannot do? I'm impressed.

    Did you use a reflector for the last picture of the purple yarn? The lighting is superb. Great pic.