Tuesday, August 17

Back to school – Day 1

Paige started first grade today, sans meds. She’s been so excited for so many reasons. Some of her friends from daycare are a year older than her. Last year she didn’t get to have recess with them – this year she does. Recess time will be awesome. This year Paige is in Mrs. M’s class. She is Riley’s old teacher – Paige has been hoping to be in that class – she’s ecstatic. :) We met Mrs. M last night at the Back to School Event and Paige was bashful. It was adorable.

Despite my fears that Paige will not survive first grade without meds, I’m optimistic.

Cadence was inconsolable this morning when she found out that she doesn’t get to go to school every day like Paige. Her boyfriend friend Steven starts Kindergarten today so I think she feels left out. Cady starts speech with Mrs. K again next week. She’ll get to go to the Primary for that so I think she’ll perk up a bit then. Gymastics ended last week and I think she feels like she has nothing to do. The pouting ended when she arrived at daycare, but she’s still a bit bummed.

This is Paige’s first year in school that I’m not in school too. I’ll get to help her with her homework every night instead of relying on JP. I think I’m going to love not feeling completely disconnected! Then again, I might feel the need to hide out in the classroom for another two years depending on how things go


  1. Go back to school

  2. How fun that you get to help her with homework! It seems like last year (kinder) Gabriel had a lot of homework. I don't remember having homework in kinder.