Sunday, November 14

You've got your work cut out for you

You'll have to excuse my tardiness, between migraines and my internal organs not functioning as designed I've opted to sleep as much as possible.

My Mom's doing great after her surgery. Her PT is going as well as expected and she seems in good spirits. Her birthday is on Tuesday, which kind of bums me out that she isn't very mobile yet. I think she'll have a good time anyway.

This morning I was talking to the girls and out of the blue Cadence says that she's going to have some babies when she grows up. Paige told her that the limit is four. Cadence said she has to have six. They debated the limit for a while. I eventually stepped in and told her that if she wants six babies, she can have six babies, but she has to wait until she's at least 25, and has to be able to support all of them. She then said that Grandma would live with her to take care of them. Notice that she didn't say to HELP her take care of them, but to take care of them. Paige asked which Grandma and Cady said both. So...Good luck to you Grandma A and Grandma P, you've got your work cut out for you.

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  1. So glad to hear your mother is doing well post surgery! Blessings.