Sunday, December 12

The Calendar

I wasn’t going to make these this year since I didn’t really use mine this year, and I wasn’t happy with the 4x6 size I chose last year. If anything I was thinking about 5x7 or 8x10. Just as I had finalized my decision not to make them, a relative asked for one this year. She has a 4x6 frame that she wants to put them in, so 4x6 it is.

I dug through the pics I’ve taken this year and couldn’t find 12 that I thought would work for calendars (figures). So I’m settling. I still don’t have one for December, but I can probably take one and process it before Mr. and Mrs. P get here this coming weekend.
Yesterday I caught that stomach bug that’s been going around – I figured all the cool kids are catching it, might as well. Before it got too bad, I finished a few.


  1. Wow wow wow! These are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. In the future - if you don't want to do something for us, just say so....we would never want to do ANYTHING to upset you. All my love - MOM P

  3. One other thing....why did you say it was no problem for you to do this for us when it was...I feel so bad making you do something you didn't want to do! I'm sorry!

  4. Great picks of pics. Barb printed them last year also. We all enjoy seeing our beautiful girls.