Friday, December 31

Eat, Pray, Love - Italy

Monica bought me a copy of Eat, Pray, Love. Parts of it made me smile - parts of it I glazed over (mainly India and Indonesia) - but Italy was great. I recommend it.

General thoughts:

Ch 2 - It seems really impersonal, at the moment, it seems like she walked out of her marriage without cause (I'm sure I'm wrong).

Ch 3 - It's distracting the way she feels the need to explain why she's including so much information or not enough information. It's a quick read though.

Ch 6 - I was sad, but not because of the book. Every time I read the word 'Liz' I think of Matt, Liz, and Madeline. I wondered when his book is being released, so I took a break from the book to read Matt's most recent update. As always my eyes welled up with tears. "Two Kisses For Maddy" is being released in mid April, by the way, and you can pre-order it.

Ch 6 (again) - There aren't many things I want to do, that I haven't already. I do want to see the Northern Lights sometime. And maybe I should learn to speak Russian. Or maybe I should learn to speak Mandarin so I can understand what Cadence is saying to me.

Ch 8 - I always assumed a medicine man was a herbalist or new-aged hippies. I have so much to learn - I made a note to find out more about medicine men.

Ch 10 - Why'd she start in Italy?

Ch 12 - I didn't realize there were so many fountains in Italy. She mentioned the detailed art - I probably would have just noticed the water - and that makes me kind of mad (at myself).

Ch 12 (again) - Mmmmm Gelato. I'm pretty sure that if I enjoy St. Louis gelato as much as I do, if I ate gellato in Italy I'd die on the spot from excessive pleasure.

Ch 12 (again) - I don't read the news enough.

Ch 19 - Two words: pistachio gellato.

Ch 20 - No one gets my jokes. J says they're not funny. Wayne says they're funny, I just have a problem with delivery. This chapter really made me smile, but I can't remember why.

Ch 21 - 'American's don't know how to do nothing.' I need to concentrate on doing nothing - which I think defeats the purpose. The only thing I can do to quiet my mind is knit. Monica plays games. I can't - I find myself creating spreadsheets and analyzing the most effective way to maximize the resources I have to win the fastest.

Ch 27 - Made me crave a pizza from Peel.

Ch 31 - My family makes me laugh. A lot. I'm pretty sure I need to spend more time with them.

Ch 33 - Every city has a word. I can't find the word for the town I live in. I don't know the town well enough, but I know that whatever my word is, doesn't likely match that of my town. But I'm happy here anyway.

Ch 34 - "We understand how it is - we have one too." :)

That's all from Italy. Up next...India.

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