Thursday, December 30

Greatest Aunt Barb

My Aunt Barb (and Uncle Franc) are in town for the week and the girls and I headed over to my Mom’s for a visit on Sunday. Austin calls her Greatest Aunt Barb and I think it’s adorable.

She brought her pup over for a visit. There’s something human about this dog – he looks so wise. I couldn’t stop looking at him. He  has a bunch of personality. ;) 
Barb was working on a project for her newest great-grandson. She wasn’t happy with the hat she made so she whipped up a new one in no time. Her mad-skills are unbelievable.
We played Apples to Apples and Barb won (oldest and wisest – of course she won). Hopefully she’ll be around a bit more and I can head over there again – I don’t get to see her enough. Cady likes her so much she cried when we had to leave. :(  I'm pretty sure when I was little I cried when she had to leave too.

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