Wednesday, December 22


I’ve seen some pretty great macro shots lately on FB and over at Two Peas. We haven’t had enough snow for me to give a note- worthy effort at one myself.

There were a few flurries Sunday morning and I got excited to give it a shot. I put a plastic plate outside to cool it down, then set it out to catch a flake or two. JP thought he had left the plate out there and brought it back inside :(  (I had to laugh)

Instead of giving up, I grabbed the camera and snapped two quick shots of the edge of the porch. Needless to say I need some work ;)

I had a touch time focusing on the flake I wanted to focus on – and I couldn’t get in close enough for this one.
I’m looking at the flake in the upper right. Might have been a pretty okay shot from another angle


  1. Wow, that's pretty incredible. It's funny, as a kid your pretty much told how snowflakes look and are constantly seeing them made but to see an actual picture of one is pretty amazing. I guess they weren't lying when they said they looked that way;)

  2. Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!! May Peace be your gift at Christmas (or any other holiday you celebrate) and your blessing all year through.