Wednesday, December 1

What a crummy day

The cards were stacked against me yesterday.

We were running late because Cadence couldn’t find her shoes.

We got to the car and the tire pressure was pretty low in one of the rear tires so we had to stop and add some air and hope for the best. A block past the gas station Jason realized the tire pressure was too high so he ha to get out and let some air out. Problem solved.

Then I got to work and listened to the program manager present the schedule I created for some upcoming monster marathon calls to fix the mess we’re in. It didn’t go over well and some times had to change. This was hella-hard to put together and I’m pretty awesome for pulling it off. So when a person or two thinks it’s less than perfect I felt like someone kicked my dog.

By mid afternoon I fixed the problem but I was beyond aggravated. Most of the aggravation was the result of non-schedule-related bickering about how no one is getting 100% what they want – everyone has to compromise a little. That doesn’t sit well with people. For the record I don’t like compromise either but know when to let go (or sever ties if necessary).

I ate lunch later than usual (which makes me grouchy), and I goofed-up the microwave time so it left a lot to be desired.

At that point I was mentally swearing at everyone that walked past my desk, in languages I didn't realize I knew.

Then I found out Paige lost her library book somewhere between the front door and her locker last Wednesday. Wonderful. Then she gave me attitude about doing her homework, which is completely out of character for her. The child loves her homework.

Even a nice warm bubble bath didn’t sound good after that.I gave up and went upstairs to tuck the girls into bed.

Around 3:30 (AM) Cadence called me upstairs. She had gotten sick. All over.


I had no idea so much could come out of someone so small. It was in her hair, on her face, arms, legs, and even her toes. I gave her a bath while J changed her sheets and dropped the dirty linens in the washer. After the quick bath it was back to bed.

A few minutes later JP got paged from work. Because he’s kinda awesome himself, he fixed the problem and was back in bed by 3:50.

Unfortunately neither of us could get back to sleep so we turned on 16 Candles – which usually knocks us out in minutes. We we both on the verge of dream land when it happened again. I cleaned her up again, and JP stripped her bed for the second time. The cycle continued one more time – to complete one of the worst days I’ve had in a while.

On the bright side, days like this make the rest of them feel so much better ;)

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