Friday, January 28


I have weird dreams – most people do.

Here are excerpts from last night/this morning:

Part 1. I had a pretty sophisticated computer setup I was working with in my office. Incidentally my office was located in the wide-open lobby, and was accessible only by a turn-style door. It was a complicated door – you had to open the door like you would an ordinary door, then use it like a turn-style door. As luck would have it, I was walking through the door, and a fairly attractive young man was entering behind me. As he turned the door, I got smooshed between the door exit and the wall at the edge of the door. It didn’t hurt, but I was embarrassed.

My interpretation:
  • I want a more sophisticated computer at work.
  • I want more privacy (or have embraced the lack of privacy).
  • I’m clumsy and intimidated by good-looking men.

The Book’s interpretation:
  • Not much insight was available on how the computer comes into play.
  • Privacy indicates that I am around overbearing people that worry me. Unfortunately, this is very true.
  • The door symbolizes that I am trying to escape enemies. The fact that the guy didn’t make it through the door means I thwarted his attempt to harm me. So take THAT hot guy.
  • Seeing a hot guy means I will enjoy life and come into rich possessions.
  • I have no idea what getting squished means.

Part 2. A coworker submitted a PCR (project change request - it’s a formal change request on a piece of paper). The PCR came in the form of a dress…a girls size 7 pink dress, not the formal word document form like it should have been. Upon inspection, it said it was size 7 (Paige’s size) but looked more like it would fit Cadence (size 5).

My interpretation:
  • I can dream in color! I had no idea, and was quite tickled upon realization.
  • The coworker doesn’t follow procedures.
  • PCRs are never as they seem
  • Paige and Cadence need new dresses

The Book’s interpretation:
  • The book had no idea what to think of this dream, other than the change form denoting disappointment.

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