Saturday, January 1

Eat, Pray, Love - India

Part two was more drawn out harder to read.

Ch 38 - Felt like a text book. My mind drifted.

Ch 39 - An Ashram is a place I would never be able to go.

Ch 43 - No wonder I can't quiet my mind...I eat like a boy. A sloppy, crazed boy.

Ch 45 - I want to meditate.

Ch 45 (again) - I definitely do not want to meditate.

Ch 46 - I want a book about meditation.

Ch 48 - Did someone say control issues?

Ch 56 - I want a meditation room.

Ch 59 - Are we done with India yet?

Ch 59 (again) - I wouldn't be very marriageable in India.

Ch 62 - I don't think it's possible for me to be quiet.

Ch 64 - Neither could she :)

Ch 69 - I'm a jerk for thinking this, but her word (antevasin) is stupid. I'm glad she found a word though! It's better than my word (which I don't have).

Ch 72 - I don't understand.

Finally time for Indonesia!

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