Saturday, February 26

And this is how it’s done (indoor soccer again)

I mentioned she can’t stand still, right? I’m partial and everything, but she’s really cute out there!

She’s still trying to learn when to go where – and remember the episode of ball-to-head last year? She’s still a little scared and backs off.

You’ll notice that she had  jacket on in the first video, and not in the last two. It’s not because she got hot (although she did) – she was trying to control those hands by putting them in her pocket. The girl can’t win.

JP’s taking her sopping this weekend for new shin guards. They’re under her pants so you can’t see them, but I’m pretty sure they’re getting too small. She’s outgrown two pair of her soccer socks from last year, and we’ve lost one sock in each of her other pairs so I think they’re getting some new socks too. He also wants to get her an indoor ball (they’re foam). I like to see him excited about it, considering he wrongly thinks there’s more to life than sports.

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