Thursday, February 24

Indoor Soccer, and my failed attempt at conning Paige

This morning I reminded JP that it’s time to sign the girls up for t-ball (Cady)/coach pitch (Paige).

He all-but-refused to sign Paige up since she didn’t do very well last summer when the coach tried to pitch to her. I argued that she’s a whole year older and she’ll be really bummed that he won’t let her play.

As I saw it, I had two options. The first is to run up to the Rec Center when he’s not paying attention and sign both girls up. The second is to have Paige manipulate him into signing her up.

I chose option 2.

After we picked the girls up from school, I told Paige that her dad is signing Cadence up for t-ball this summer, but not her.

She wasn’t biting. She said that she was really excited about watching Cadence play. I reminded her that the games will be at different times so she could still watch Cady. Didn’t work.

She added another argument, which I missed because I was trying to plan my next move.

The conversation was over before I had a chance to change anyone’s mind. As it sits now, Cadence is excited to play (has been all year), and Paige has no interest in playing. This broke my heart. What will she DO all summer?

I had no idea what I was getting into marrying/reproducing with a non-athlete. We really have two very different perspectives. I’d have Paige in sports 5-7 days a week if I could...year round. I don’t think JP could care less.

For now, Paige loves soccer. The young ones play outdoor soccer in the fall and indoor in the spring. If she’s not going to play basketball (she’s not interested. Cady is). l think I’ll  have to find a winter soccer club for her to play in. That still leaves out a summer sport though.

My point in all this is that I was pretty bummed about Paige’s feelings about sports. She had her second session at dysfunction junction indoor soccer tonight. She has such a good time. The kids all have a varying degree of skills. Paige only takes her meds in the morning and at lunch time to get her through school. By the time practice comes around she’s still able to focus, but she can’t stand still.

These are Paige-style push ups…not embarrassing at all ;)

I love this kid – she’s adorable

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  1. I think G is a non-athlete too. Makes me kind of sad. I don't have dreams of him going pro or playing in college but wouldn't it be fun if he played all through elementary/middle/ high school? On the bright side, he has some interest in photography!