Friday, February 25

The little one

After a discussion the other day with my friend JT about unnecessary features on products, I found myself biting my tongue.

I’m getting a new camera this weekend, and it has a video feature. JT happens to know quite a bit about video ‘stuff’ and is kinda snobby about it.

Of course he was knocking the video feature on the camera I want. I explained that I don’t intend to use it, because it’s unnecessary. If I want a video of something, I’ll use a stand-alone video camera. Period.

That being said, I found myself wishing I had brought my camera to Paige’s practice the other day. I remembered that “hey, I have my phone!” The camera isn’t that great, and didn’t like the dim lighting in the gym. Cady suggested I try shooting a video. I had forgotten all about the video feature on the phone. She’s so smart – I swear that kid’s bound for greatness.

I quickly realized how wrong I was when talking to JT. It’s so incredibly handy having video capability so readily available. I spent the majority of the practice shooting mini video clips. I’d have to take breaks for things like getting repremanded by the coach for neglecting to take Paige’s earrings out before practice (Oops – thanks for letting me know about that rule Jason (errrg)) and picking up my adorable toddler miniature five-year-old when she fell on the bleechers.

Cadence thought it only fair to share some footage of her from the practice the other night.
Notice how dark the bottom of her jeans are – it was POURING outside and there was standing water everywhere. And you know what? She was still happy.

This one I have a tough time watching. She falls down so often then neither she nor I flinch much when it happens. She was kicking the ball back and forth on the bleachers (poor parenting, I know). She didn’t shed a tear, but we didn’t get the normal “I’m ok” remark that follows most spills.

JP and Cadence pick on each other incessantly. There’s not a day that goes by where one doesn’t bug the other. JP’s ordering pizza for dinner and sweet little Cadence pops her head in to say hi.
Then they had some nice-time. He loves his little booger.
Then Cadence insisted on telling me a story. Did you catch any of it, because I still have no clue what she’s talking about.

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  1. Hahahaa! I love the last one. But no, I don't get it.