Wednesday, March 16


I painted our bathroom two weeks ago. It was a really pretty caramel color, but when the previous owners painted the crown  molding they got a lot of white paint on the walls. A lot of it. We bit the bullet and finally made time to paint. The caramel color was pretty, but didn’t accommodate a cohesive flow to our bedroom (which is dark grey). I painted the bathroom a light grey. Love it.

We also decided to paint the foyer grey. The molding and trim seem to pop a bit more. I even found two windows in the room that I had no idea were there! I was too distracted by the icky mustard yellow color on the walls.
Seriously though, the color wasn’t that bad and it blended well with the other earth tones in our house. And yes, I was perfectly aware that these two stained glass windows were there, but they’re a lot more noticeable now.

LOVE how it turned out. For those of you coming over on Easter, be sure to tell me how awesome it looks…even if it doesn’t, because I worked really hard on it.

I bought a pretty basket-type-thing to sit on the coffee table in the foyer too. I have no idea what to put on it but I think it’s really pretty. I'm thinking it'll make a nice newborn prop.


  1. A newborn baby would look lovely laying on that basket. Other than that, I don't know...LOL.

  2. I think its pretty just like that.