Wednesday, April 20

How I met your Father - part 2

Last week you read about how my Mom & Dad met. They’ve been married for 39 years.

Nine years ago today, JP signed his life away married me!

How did we meet, you ask?

We met at work, while in college. I had worked there for about a year. My friends and I pretty much segregated ourselves to one side of the room, and didn’t take much notice to others who worked there. Apparently JP had been working there for a few weeks before I noticed him. One day, a friend from the other side of the room talked me into going to dinner with her after work, and brought JP along. She was talking about how cute this guy was – I agreed, but asked her why she was interested in a teenager (we were 21, I thought he was 17). He was 22.

The next day the friend called and told me how much JP liked me (ha ha, sucker). Since the day we met, only three days have passed that we haven’t seen each other. Love or insanity? I can’t tell. Three months later we were engaged. THAT was insanity, but we were in love.

Happy anniversary JP – love you.


  1. I feel like I learned something new about you today. All this time I thought you met over a game of poker.

  2. Such a great idea! I love these stories!! Happy Anniversary...:)