Saturday, April 16

Indoor Soccer

Paige is scared of the ball. It's foam - really soft foam.

When I was younger, and was learning to be a catcher - my Dad suited me up with catcher's gear and threw softballs at me until I wasn't scared any more. This wasn't torture, I was on board, and it worked. I wasn't scared any more. I think if I try this tactic with Paige someone would call child and family services. Any suggestions for her getting over hear fear of a soccer ball?

She did a good job. The kids are all learning where they need to be and when they need to be there to maximize their opportunities to score, and prevent the other team from scoring. The coach is outstanding.

 Paige is fixing her hair - a girl always has to look her best.

Her expressions crack me up


She's not dancing, her feet just can't decide if they should move of not.

Her coach asked her to do something and she looked at him like "you want me to what?"

Taking a break

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  1. I don't think anyone will call child services. YOu should try that approach with her. It sounds like it will help! Especially if you use one of those foam balls.