Saturday, April 9

New Neighbor/Friends

Yesterday the kids were playing outside while JP did yard work and I was inside working. I thought that since J was outside, he was watching the kids. I may have been wrong. I looked out the window and saw Cadence running down the sidewalk with a stick. I told her to put it down, but she didn't hear me (or was ignoring me) and kept on running. I had every intention of going outside to talk to her about not listening/running with sticks and bringing her inside for a long time out. Instead, when I got outside, I saw both girls trying to cut flowers off the neighbor's tree with sticks. I was mortified. Who's kids are these, and WHO's watching them?!

The girls were sent inside and we had a talk. Cadence got a time out and Paige was banned from Tyler's birthday party today. J had told her to go inside while he did yard work, and Cadence never asked to go outside - she just went. Seriously, when did they morph into such misbehaving kids?

A few minutes later I saw the neighbor girl and her Dad walking down the sidewalk looking for the girls. Yikes! I KNEW he was coming over to yell at them for messing with their tree. I just knew it. The kids were inside so he didn't find them. Ha ha - foiled!

He noticed JP outside working and called him over. His daughter wanted to be friends with the girls. He wasn't coming over to yell. :)  Paige and Cady were in trouble and their mean mother wouldn't let them play. The neighbor asked if the girls lived there or were just there every once in a while. This is a clear sign to me that we need to get them outside more often.  

Half hour later, both girls had apologized and understood that they can't be outside unsupervised, and they can't run with sticks, and they can't take flowers from other people's trees/yards. They went to play in the back yard with Jason and the neighbors came over with their kids. Their little girl is 5 and will start Kindergarten with Cadence in the fall. Their little boy is three and the girls just love him.

It was nice to meet them - they've been there since October (!).

P.S. Happy Birthday Uncle Frankie


  1. How fun with new playmates. Winter and all you don't really see your neighbors at all :-)

  2. October? Must have been the cold winter that kept you from meeting sooner. Glad they weren't coming over to yell at the girls! Ha! Kids will be kids...