Sunday, May 8

Happy Mother's Day

One of my favorite things to do is grill at my parents house.

We were supposed to be at my parents house around 11. Paige got a bloody nose on the way there and not surprisingly it got on her white dress. Awesome. I love that dress on her and was pretty bummed that she'd never get to wear it again. Being a planner, I had another outfit packed in the car - so all was well. We ended up being late.

Being embarrassingly undomestic, I handed the dress over to my Mom and asked if she could work some magic. I was sure the dress couldn't be saved. Three minutes later the dress was gleamingly white. How does she do it? How can a woman be so incredibly good at things and have a daughter who is so hopeless? Perhaps I don't apply myself.

Lunch was really good.

If you look closely, you can see Austin's black eye. Baseball casualty. Anyway, he was enlightening us with a story.

 Dad was contemplating what he said.

JP was contemplating what he said.

Mom was contemplating what he said.

Monica commented on what he said. (sorry to catch you in mid sentence!)

Really none of those shots had anything to do with what Austin was talking about. They all had furrowed brows, and I can't decide if they really were deep in thought, if the sun was in their eyes, or if they were all annoyed with me for having the camera out. I'll pretend it's not the latter.

Neither Paige nor Austin were happy that they had to take a break from racing each other for me to grab a quick shot.

Sweet little Cady. She can't run as fast as the bigger two and was failing at tag - so she gave up. She prefers to entertain herself anyway. I love the dress she's wearing, by the way. I hope to get some spring pictures of her with it on but it hasn't stopped raining long enough for me to set anything up.

Baby was the only one of the dogs that would let me shoot her. Maggie was napping under the table and Angel was napping in my Dad's recliner. 

This was for fun.


  1. I am so domestically challenged myself too. Don't feel alone. My sister has that touch especially with clothes. I guess with 4 kids she has learned. Definitely not my forte.

  2. Bloody nose? Black eye? Yall are hard core.