Saturday, May 7

Weekly Recap

Yesterday I was able to attend the Primary's Muffins with Mom event. Paige really is the sweetest little girl, and to be able to spend time with her in her classroom without her jealous little sister ;) tugging on me was pretty terrific. The kids put together a word search, a family tree, chose their favorite book to read to their Moms/Grandmas, made a personalized place mat, and made some pottery in art class. Paige was pretty proud of herself. It definitely made me smile. Mrs. M out together a side show recapping the year for the kids. My eyes teared-up :)

In my defence, I love my kids and I can't help getting emotional. That being said, I was extra sensitive because Bosco's hurting pretty bad. He's turning 11 this year and still thinks he can act like a pup. He got hurt chasing a bunny Thursday night and wouldn't stand up or walk unless he really had to. He laid down to eat his dinner - he looked miserable. We've changed his food and he's taking glucosanime to help. So far so good. JP's worried - we both realize he's not getting any younger. Paige asked if we could get a new dog just like him if he died - which immediately prompted tears (mine). He seems fine today, just slower. I think he's just trying to manipulate us into letting him sleep in our bed. The dog weighs nearly as much as I do and he finds it necessary to lay right on top of me.

Enough about me. Monica's been teaching a School Psych class at a local college. I'm pretty proud of her - hope you are too.

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  1. Way to go Monica! Sorry to hear about Bosco. Aging pets is surprisingly difficult. Sounds like Paige's teacher had the moms spoiled! I'm jealous!