Saturday, June 18

Homecoming Parade

The parade route in town goes in front of our house on both the Saturday and Sunday of the homecoming picnic.

Sunday I grabbed my camera and snapped a few quick shots.

I love the flags

Cadence loved these guys. Sadie (see below) was not thrilled that they were anywhere near the girls. (she let our a near-silent growl - I had no idea she knew how to growl)

The band did really well. Cadence covered her ears :) and I doubt Paige and Austin were aware the band went by.

The kids liked this guy.

JP says the next time he needs new tires he's getting these instead.

Isn't this the most gorgeous face you've ever seen?
 This is her being tough when the men walking in animal costumes came by high-fiving my daughters.
 How can you not love this face? I mean really?

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  1. Seriously? I think that is one of the most adorable faces I have ever seen!