Monday, June 6


It's hot right?

I was in bed with a migraine most of the weekend so didn't have to tolerate the heat. I did find myself stalking Facebook from my bed, coveting the bright blue poolside shots posted by my friends. I would love to spend some time in the pool.

The girls are on summer vacation...which loosely translates to spending a LOT of time during the day having insane amount of fun at the pool, skating, and field trips to the theater, art museums, and the magic house. The daycare has a great lineup this summer - I really want to tag along.

My sister's on summer vacation too...which she's reminded me of all day. I'm envisioning her lounging poolside, shopping, watching an obscene amount of tv, and noshing on MY favorite cupcakes! Really she only texted me once to rub it in. And she's not poolside yet, the pool's not ready. And she's not as obsessed with The Cup as I am. And daytime TV pretty much sucks.

I'm willing to bet I'll be increasingly envious as the days roll by, but for now I'm pretty stoked for the kids and my sister to get a much needed break. And quite honestly, if I took so much as a full week off work, my brain would turn to mush and I'd forget all my passwords.

Happy Summer!

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  1. Sounds like you are also trying to appreciate not being at home with sucky daytime tv and whatnot! Ha! I rub it in to Brandon that he has to get up and get going in the morning all by himself without me prodding him to get in the shower lest he stroll in late to work. Nope. Its all up to him now while I peacefully sleep. Then again, I am getting WAY less done in terms of housework right now.