Wednesday, June 1

Web Quests

I like to think that I can find out just about anything online. ABC Family has a lot of new shows coming out this summer. Two of the shows have launched what I'll call web quests.

The first is for the show Switched at Birth. Each day (starting yesterday) they'll launch 2 clues. Once you figure out the clue and find the online tag, write down the code for a chance to win something or other. I'm in it for the challenge. I've been struggling with clue #2. Find out more about the game HERE.  

The second is for the show The Nine Lives of Chloe King. You follow 9 paths and the first one to get to the end wins. So far there are 3 out there. I have no idea how often a new path is added (follow them on twitter to get immediate updates). Find out more about this game HERE.  

Happy questing.


  1. Wow. ABC Family is really smart! What a great way to generate interest in a show BEFORE the pilot!

  2. I have been trying to comment on here for some time. Blogger is not being nice. I finally read that several others are having the same problem. Anyway...this online quest seems pretty cool. I also loved the pictures in the last post. The little ones with glasses are oh so cute, but hard to photograph with out the glare. I need to practice more.

  3. Beth, is this a push to move me over to Wordpress :)

    Yes, glasses are hard - if you tilt them slightly down it reduces glare, but that's hard to do with little ones. This little girl was the sweetest thing - a real gem to shoot.