Sunday, July 10

Another Game

Friday was Cadence's second-to-last game. She's learned so much and has had a great time doing it. I hope she wants to play again next year.

Hanging out in the dugout:

She hasn't quite mastered smiling at the camera:

 She's adorable anyway

Checking the dirt to make sure it's ok to play on. I always loved the dirt on the field too - it was always so soft.
 Batting (with someone else's bat)
 Running fast
 super fast
 home run ;)
 Batting again (with someone else's bat)
 Fists out and ready to run! (or box with someone?)

 Manning first base.
 That's right - everyone throw it here
 "I got this"
 Throwing it back into the field
 Yep - got this too.
 Throwing it in to the coach
 and again...

 The girls are playing in field - Cady's supposed to be pitcher and the other little girl is supposed to be short stop. Social hour - they're bff's...
 ...until the ball is hit to them - then it's all out war to see who can catch it.
 Cady's favorite thing about first base is making friends. "Hi there!"
 "I like your shoes?"
 "You're cute - wanna hang out?"

Paige asked that I take a picture of the moon. LOVE the color of the sky.

These are probably the last shots I'll post of this season. Shooting while watching isn't as fun. I feel like I miss watching most of the game.

Austin had a game Saturday that I shot - I hope to have those posted by next weekend.

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