Friday, July 29

Creepy Things

I was house-sitting for my parents earlier in the week when they were out of town. It was hot, it wasn't raining, and the grass looked a bit fried. Being the proactive and caring daughter that I am, I decided to water their grass for them. When I got to the faucet I noticed a small green toy bug. I turned the water on and went about my business.

When I went to turn the water off, I noticed the toy had moved. In fact, it was still moving. Eep! I quickly turned the water off and went about my business. The thing is huge for a caterpillar. He's about 5 inches long and 1/2" to 1" in depth.

The next day I showed Jason. He immediately thought of Paige and decided to take the bug home. I think it's dieing, but we're doing our best to care for the creepy thing. JP did some research and found that it's a Hickory Horned Devil. Sounds like a killer. For now, the little guy is in a terrarium with leaves from a gumball tree and some sticks. I don't think he's going to make it, but the girls are having a great time trying to take care of him.

Here are a few shots I got of him today. He's still moving around, but his skin seems to be drying out.

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  1. This is pretty darn cool! I bet your girls love it. We are currently housing tadpoles and watching them morph into frogs, Baron is loving it. However, they do poop an awful lot.