Saturday, July 30

The one with the hair cuts

Paige and Cadence were long over due for a hair cut. They had fun today. Cadence got a braid and some glitter spray in her hair, and Paige got some curls and glitter spray. Monica and I grabbed the kids and took a few pictures.
Cadence likes to pose herself, but usually has  hard time coming up with ideas. This is her 'go-to' pose.

 Paige is in that awkward toothless phase.
 I still can't get her to look at the camera very often.

 Cady loves her big sister.
 Paige thinks Cadence is weird but she loves her anyway.
 Follow me!
 The girls are crazy about their cousin.

 We made them hold hands - I think they've outgrown thinking it's cute.


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  1. Your girls are beautiful, those I love the boots too!