Wednesday, August 24

American Girl Schamerican Girl

I 'get' the whole American Girl thing, and I think it's great for girls. That being said, knowing my kids the way I do, I couldn't really justify spending that kind of money on a doll. Jason's Mom asked if we thought Paige was ready for an American Girls doll, and if so, offered to buy her one. After talking to Paige, we decided she was ready.

Cadence felt a little left out, so her Grandma offered to buy her an American Girl outfit for her Madame Alexander doll. Cadence picked out a soccer outfit and some PJ's. J and I ended up getting Cady matching PJ's so she could look like her doll ;)

So far Cadence has lost one of the doll's slippers, one soccer sock, a soccer ball, and the soccer shorts.

Paige, on the other hand, hasn't lost a thing, and she's taken such great care of her doll!

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