Wednesday, August 17

Back to school

I've been meaning to write about the Chicago trip, really I have :)
I took a few pictures of the girls jumping into the pool like maniacs.

I took a few pictures of the insane amount of American Girl 'stuff' we got.

Recovering from the trip, getting the girls back into school mode, and catching up with work has been really tiring.

Paige starts second grade this week - and it's been rigorous already (at day 2). I'm taking bets on whether Paige and I will both make it to the end of the term  Cadence starts Kindergarten and I'm pretty sure she's as ready as any Kindergartener ever has been. I wonder if the school is ready for her?

Two of my cousins have kids starting grade K this year too (pretty sure). I can't wait to see them and hear all about's a big step!

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