Monday, August 22

The one with the 8th Birthday

Happy 8th birthday Paige!

We had her first party on Saturday with my parents and Monica & Austin. Paige wanted a blue cake with fondant icing. We didn't want to go buy a big cake because it was a pretty small party - so JP got adventurous and tried to make one himself.

He started with some fondant. Looks sticky, doesn't it?

After it chilled for a while, he smashed it down and eventually rolled it out.

If it's blue she wants, it's blue she gets! I would have just bought the blue Duff spray and colored the cake after it was iced :) but who am I to interfere with JP's plans?


He even made the buttercream himself.

The final product. By no means professional, but I think it looks great!


  1. Wow! Job well done! Happy Birthday!!

  2. Happy Birthday Paige. Great job on the cake. That fondant is some sticky stuff. I tried making it myself last year. A lot of hard work but worth it.