Saturday, August 20

Swimming at Grandma's

Last weekend we took the girls to Chicago to see their grandparents and to hit the American Girl store. We don't drive up there very often because the drive is kind of harsh and the Cadence gets car sick. Both girls did a really great job this time.

One of the highlights of the trip was swimming. It was cold, but it didn't phase the kids at all.

Jason was picking on them and throwing them in. Once they realized it wasn't scary they begged him to do it again (and again).

Cadence loves jumping in. She could (and has) spend house jumping into the pool at my parents house. This time she got to give it a try at J's parents' house. It was just as fun ;)

Paige wanted in on the action

They played shark attack with their Grandma P. Paige is pretty intense when she plays.

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