Wednesday, February 22

Growing blood pressure's high. This didn't start until 34 weeks with Cadence :/

This little pumpkin is only 31 weeks and needs more time to grow - so keep your fingers crossed that if it turns into full-fledged pre-E that we can effectively manage the symptoms for 5-6 more weeks. I'm optimistic :)

That being said - Baby P is doing great! She's still really active and her kicks hurt like heck. It's a good sign.

She's very stretched out in there - keeping her legs tucked under my ribs on the right side. If she'd tuck them up by her head like most babies do my belly would look a lot bigger - sometimes it does. But for today, here's a quick 31 week belly shot.


  1. Lookin' good - minus the HBP. Ugh. Had that too, not fun when that's in control.

  2. You look awesome! Crossing fingers she can stay put as long as possible.