Saturday, February 11

She'll be Girly, I'm sure of it

With a sister like Paige, I'm sure baby P will be as girly as they come. Then again, with a sister like Cadence, she may be rough and tumble - I can't decide.

For now, she gets the hiccups all the time (like Paige), but her kicks are REALLY hard and hurt already (like Cadence). I'm so eager to meet this little beat to see what she's like!

Either way, she'll fit in. I didn't use a lot of accessories and girly things with Paige and Cadence. Partly because Paige didnt' have hair until she was 2 and when Cady came around I was so preoccupied keeping up with Paige that I didn't focus on accessories.

Now that the girls are older and relatively self-sufficient, I've had time to make some little bracelets for the peanut. Check 'em out.

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