Sunday, February 12


Being pregnant and irrational, I feel very strongly this year that buying pre-made valentines this year was a terrible idea. I talked the girls into making them. They didn't argue.

Cadence's class will be making boxes in class this year so she was pretty disappointed that Paige got to decorate a box at home and she didn't.

Thinking back to last year's fiasco, I decided that a simple shoe box, paint, and stickers will suffice. Paige sponge-painted the box and stuck on some hearts. Viola - plain and simple.

The valentines themselves took several days to put together. We cut up white car stock and red craft paper. We hole-punched the edges of every single white piece...that took a while. A few days later we glued the red paper onto the white paper, and added some hearts (which we also used a hole punch for). End result...

The remind me of a doily. lol

I couldn't find envelopes that I liked so we made those too. I found an envelope template online and printed it on a ton of red sheets of paper. We cut them out, glued them, and wrote the names of each kid in Paige and Cady's classes. Very labor intensive ;) but fun.

No we just need to pick out treats to put inside. While I don't like the way they look, I like that we made them and the girls had fun together working on them.

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