Sunday, March 25

This Little Piggie

After losing Zoey, and having no idea how to properly console Paige, JP caved and picked out a new Boston to join our family.

She looks like a teeny pot belly pig - you'll get the full effect when/if I post a video of her running. It really is adorable.

As most pups do, she sleeps a LOT. I haven't gotten my camera out to get any shots of her yet, but I did snap a few on my phone. Pardon the poor quality.

She's semi-ghost-faced...a bit reminiscent of Zoey.
 Look at that smile - she's spoiled and she knows it.
 Snuggling with me while I work is exhausting.
 To the right you can see my tummy - maybe it's baby P she likes snuggling with and not me?
 This is what happens when she plays too hard

She has some digestive issues and has already been put through the wringer quite extensively over the past two weeks. Tomorrow morning she sees the Maximus Greatus...the 4th and hopefully final vet. After several attempts to correct her digestive problems, the recommendation is to do a rectal pull-through and remove the bad part of her intestinal track. Sound extreme? I think it is, but she's been a pretty big crutch for all of us - and what else should I spend my hard-earned bonus on? Medical bills for the upcoming delivery of Baby P? ;)

She was supposed to spend the weekend at the vet prior to her appointment Monday, but she showed enough improvement that we could take her home if we promised to bring her back immediately if there were any issues. Who could say no to a hugely pregnant woman that missed snuggling with her pup?

She's had a really good weekend, and from my uneducated perspective, she seems to be doing amazing. We have her on a super high fiber diet consisting of wet dog food mixed with pumpkin, and some meds from the vet.

Hopefully the trend continues and the vet will have some good news for us tomorrow.

03/26 Update:
Bean is having surgery tomorrow morning. She's staying at the vet's office for the day/over night so that she's prepped nice and early. She looked so sad when I left her there...not as sad as me :(

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  1. Seriously that is too cute! I want one!

    I really hope the surgery goes well. Never fun and I'm sure it's hard on the girls.