Thursday, March 8

Zoey Beatrice: 09/02/00 - 03/06/12

J and I lost our first fur baby the other night. When we adopted her, no one wanted her because she didn't have the traditional Boston Terrier markings. Some people think she looked like yoda, but I think she was beautiful :)

She passed away in her sleep, which probably made things a lot easier on us. Paige is taking it really hard and spent most of the day in school yesterday in tears. Her classmates all wrote her little noted of encouragement (which of course made me cry reading them). This is her first real 'loss' in life. She wasn't old enough to fully understand when my grandparents passed away.

Paige asked if we could get another dog just like her. Again, making me cry because she really is irreplaceable. Even if we found another dog that looked like her (highly unlikely because ghost-faced Boston's aren't common), we couldn't find one that had her temperament. She was way more calm and reserved that a typical Boston. I miss her so much.

Here's a small comp of pics we have of her...


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