Tuesday, April 24

Oh, by the way...

Our  little girl Brinley was born last week and is doing great! She was 6 pounds, 14 ounces, and 17.5 inches long. I was SURE she'd be 12 pounds and three feet long. I was a bit off.

I haven't taken many pics yet, but it's on the agenda soon.

Jason and I took her to her first musical this morning. Cadence's class had a short performance of the Little Red Hen. B slept through most of it :)

Here's a quick shot of Jason and B right before the show.

 Look at all the Kindergartners! Cady's class has the purple shirts on.

We sat pretty far in the back of the auditorium in case B or I needed to step out, so I didn't get a good shot of C. They made little "cat" hats to wear. Only C can make this look cute :)

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  1. Brinley is a cutie. Love the little smirk you can see. And wow, lot of kids. I love all the different colors on the stage.