Thursday, May 17

Coach Pitch

Two posts  in one week - I am on fire. Between a fussy baby girl and a broken tailbone it's tough to sit at the computer to blog.

I brought the camera to Paige's softball game earlier this week.

She's only played one year, and it shows ;) we've got a lot of work to do.

She's really good at hitting when we do soft-toss, but with the coach pitching, a lot of the pitches are high and she really has to reach for them. (She won't not swing at the bad pitches).

She can stop the ball, but we still need to work on getting her whole body in front of it.

Brinley's been coming to the games with us. There's a lot of sun, and we don't have any size-appropriate sun hats for her. I've been putting big hats on her and she gets annoyed. But she's still cute, right? lol

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