Sunday, June 10

Busy week

We had a busy week last week.

Monday Paige started track camp. She loves to run and has freakishly long legs like me. The kids (grades 3-6) did a warm up lap - it proved to be a lot for Paige. They did some pliometrics, long jump, and the 100 meter dash a few times. She had been looking forward to starting Girls on the Run (GOTR) this year...until day 1 or track camp. She's changed her mind ;) After camp, Brinley and I dropped her off at daycare because she didn't want to miss pool day.

Tuesday was day two of camp. The kids did their warm-up lap, plios, then 4x1 and triple jump. Paige didn't really 'get' triple jump. She's one of the younger kids and was trying her best to keep up. I did see some improvement by day two, and she wasn't as opposed to GOTR after day 2. Brinley and Cady were with me because I promised the girls I'd take them to American Girl before I go back to work on Wednesday. Monica came along to help me out. The girls checked out everything and ended up going home with Bitty Twins, sunglasses for their AG dolls, swimsuits for their AG dolls, and an extra outfit for their new twins. Big day for them. After the shopping excursion, Paige had softball practice. Cady and I were bumping heads because we were both tired and cranky - so she went to practice with Paige, while Baby P and I stayed home.

Wednesday J was off work so we both went to track camp with Paige. She continued to improve, but still isn't in love with running. She loves long jump, but hates the sand in her shoes. After camp we dropped Paige off at daycare for 'library day' then we headed to Home Depot and lunch. Brinley let us know that camp, shopping, and lunch were enough and she was ready to head home. After a short break, we picked Cady and Paige up from daycare. We dropped Paige off at my Parents' house, then headed to Glennon for Cady's endocrinologist appointment. She's doing great, but still a squirt...6th percentile for height. :)  My parents and sister took Paige to her softball game since we didn't think we'd make it back from StL in time. We made it just in time to watch Paige's first at-bat.

Thursday Paige had track camp at the High School instead of the Middle School because they got to do high jump, pole vault, and hurdles! Paige was too little to do pole vault (I think they just took the 6th graders), and she was scared to do hurdles - lol. The coach spent a lot of time with Paige trying to get her to jump over the bar backwards instead of forward. She finally got it - and loves it :) After camp I dropped off Paige at daycare for their trip to the Y (skating day!). Cady told me that her socks were too short so I needed to bring her another pair. I swung by home, grabbed the socks, and headed back to daycare. Daycare has just finished their re-model and have an awesome new infant/toddler room. I got a tour and am excited for her to start (I think). :) Brinley and I made it home and crashed.

Friday was the last day of track camp. Paige did awesome. All the kids got a certificate - which is apparently a big deal to Paige. So I framed it and hung it on her wall. They had a water balloon, relay-type game. The kids had a great time. B and I dropped Paige off at daycare for Pool Day, then headed to Grandma A's house for lunch with Karol and Rosanda. I used to work for Karol and hadn't seen her in years. I had a great time. My Mom and sister watched Brinley while I helped out with a wedding rehearsal at the church. They took a short video of her. She's just starting to really smile and talk, so I really got a kick out of it.

Saturday, we all headed to Cady's tee-ball game. After the game, I got everything in place for J to watch all three girls by himself for the first time. I helped out with a wedding at the church - and was gone for several hours. I was scared to death to leave him alone and kept checking my phone for SOS messages. None came. The wedding took forever and I barely made it back in time for our guests to arrive to watch the parade. We had some friends and family over to watch a parade and eat pizza. Fun was had by all. It was Brinley and Bean's first parade. Brinley was annoyed by the band, and Bean was Scared. To. Death. She made a b-line (bee-line?) for the front door and wasn't fond of coming back out. After the parade we walked to the square and let the kids ride some rides. The kids could have stayed for a few more hours, but J and I were exhausted - so we headed home.

We're getting ready for round 2 of the parade/rides in just a few minutes. I'm ready for a long nap :)

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