Wednesday, June 27

Two month well-check

Brinley had her two month well-check yesterday. She looks great! She's up to 10 pounds, 8 ounces, and 22.5 inchess long. She's still smaller than I thought she was in my stomach ;)

She's at the 25th percentile for both height and weight. The growth is good, but has slowed down a bit (she was at the 30th for height and 40th for weight).

The shots were a little rougher on her than I remember them being on Paige and Cadence. She did pretty good for a few hours, then woke up with swelling, and a pretty fierce stomach ache. She was screaming for an hour straight, and was too upset to eat (which is quite out of character for her). Monica went out to buy some pain meds for her and she and my Mom worked their magic. After a bit she was comfortable, but really sleepy. After Baby P and I got home, she woke up fussy. I changed her diaper, and by the time I found a new onesie to put on her she was out cold. It was less than a minute.

I think next time I'll be smart and do the pain meds an hour before the shots. I never had to do that with Paige or Cady so I figured I was on the clear this time too. Lesson learned.

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