Monday, June 18

Two Months Old

Baby P is two months old today. I snapped a few quick shots with a lens I hadn't shot with before, in less-than-optimal light. But...for two month shots, it worked.

She's pretty active. She was out cold when I wrapped her in the black scarf, but by the time I sat her down she was ready to box :)

She has pretty good head control, so I thought I'd try a propped up shot. Epic fail. The crate was too short and I didn't want to go back downstairs to grab the taller one. We'll try this shot again next month - that way less fabric will show and she won't be slouching as much.

LOOK at those chubby cheeks! I just want to smooch them. In fact, I think I will.

1 comment:

  1. She's adorable and growing so fast. Love the last shot of her propped up. Love those little smiles...