Wednesday, July 11

12 weeks old!

Baby P is 12 weeks old today! If you look closely, you'll see how wet her onesie is. It never fails, the minute I put her in something dry, she spits up again :) Kid's lucky she's so adorable.

Her awesome Aunt Monica bought her a Bumbo seat the other day. Sometimes B loves it, sometimes she's just to sleepy to sit up in it. Pictured below, she's practicing her sign-language. Fist in her mouth means "feed me now." I grabbed the camera and snapped one quick one before finally giving in and feeding her. I know what you're thinking, and no, generally I don't withhold food from the poor gal. It's just that she wants to eat every hour because she spits up so much that her tummy is empty and/or her tummy hurts and she thinks she's hungry. So I try to be SURE she's hungry before feeding her.
 And here she is with her Grandma A.

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