Sunday, July 8

Adrienne's water party

My cousin's little girl had her sixth birthday party today! It was a balmy 90 degrees ;) a nice break from the 100+ degree heat the past week or so. The girls had a GREAT time.

Austin's water gun rocks. He gave me detailed specs about it...the number of ounces it holds, how far it shoots, etc. I'm pretty sure I'll have to pick up a few for the girls.

Austin has a pretty good arm, so the girls had to work pretty hard to get far enough away.

My little weirdo

Brinley got to spend a little bit of time outside.

And she got an appropriate amount of love from everyone ;)

Cady took a break to pose

And stole some water balloons out of Josh's bucket when she thought he wasn't looking.

Run Cady, Run!

Monica giggled at the kids

And refused to look at me

Paige had a ton of fun

Paige had one balloon, Austin had two. Fair? I think not.

Thanks Josh & Jessica for the invite! I hope your girls had as much fun as mine did.

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