Monday, July 30

Apron Dresses

Another favorite from Little Lizard King.

This time it's her Apron Knot Dress. I've made several of these. So far it's my favorite.

This one is 6-12 months and will likely be part of Brinley's Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume. I need to find a cloak pattern though. This one is modified to tie in the back with long ties instead of being knotted in the front. I also made matching bloomers from a tutorial I found on Made by Rae. White probably wasn't the best choice for the apron.
 Here's what the back look like.
 This is the back of Cady's purple dress. She loves it and wears it about every week.
 The front is knotted on hers.
 She gets a matching headband too.

I asked Cady to do a strink a silly pose. Here's what she came up with:

This was Paige's (very similar to Brinley's above). It ties in the back too.

This one was made for my cousin's adorable little red-head Adrienne. I shot is with my camera phone, so pardon the poor quality.

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