Tuesday, July 31

Last sewing post for now, I promise

This was one of the first dresses I made. I figure it's pretty hard to mess up a pillowcase dress (?). I made a matching diaper cover, and a sweater too.

To be perfectly honest, I knit the sweater with the intent of giving it to a friend for her new baby. It was the first sweater I had made. It took so long and I had gotten too attached to it. So, I kept it (blushing). I'm a horrible friend, I know!

There are a TON of pillowcase dress patterns out there. This one's free and easy, it's from Prudent Baby. The diaper cover was, again, from Made by Rae. The sweater is a variation from this pattern, by Knitting At Knoon.

1 comment:

  1. love the colors. I especially love the sweater. It's soooo pretty. Don't blame you for keeping it ;-) Ps. can't wait to see a little model posing in it.