Tuesday, July 24

The Dinosaur

A few years ago...let's say 4 or 5, my MIL bought me an old Kenmore sewing machine. I fiddled around with it a bit, but wasn't as consumed with it as I thought I'd be. After all, it was nearly as old as I was. Newer machines are quieter, lighter, and embroider (depending on the model). After several months, the old machine found it's way into a basement corner.

My Mom was considering getting rid of my Grandmother's machine (also a Kenmore). She offered me the machine feet (or I took them, I can't remember) ;)   The feet resurrected my interest in sewing, but again, was short lived.

Fast forward to a few months ago. There are so CUTE pattern out there! I'd been spending some time on a craft/sewing machine board that was a subset of a baby message board I frequent. These ladies inspired me. I got out the old machine, and have been sewing since. I no longer want a new lightweight/quiet machine. Well, maybe I do, but I know it won't be as sturdy as my old Kenmore.

Somewhere in transition in one of our moves, we had lost the old sewing feet. I told Jason how bummed I was about it. As luck would have it, as J was working on the re-model downstairs, he comes up with this tote FULL of thread and guess what else?!

Yay! Now, I need someone to show me how to properly use them

I took some pictures of some of the things I've made for the girls. I'll post them soon.

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