Thursday, July 19

Three Months old!

Brinley turned three months old yesterday. The girls and I had a quick mini session after work to celebrate. Three outfits, one snack, and a diaper change later - here's what we came up with:

I love that smile!

She kept putting the skirt in her mouth.

 Almost there...
 Got it!

Cady's at an age where she doesn't quite know how to smile - so we laughed instead ;)

An outtake...John T-Rex Podstawa (aka "Bud") refuses to stay out of the pictures we take. Usually we put him in my bedroom. This shot didn't work out for many reason :)

Paige Avery

Brinley's talking to the big girls

Yep - I made them hold hands - they look thrilled, right?

Cadence is such a trooper...really - she is. Look at Brinley's left hand. Notice how close it is to Cady's hair? She kept pulling it. Cady took it like a champ. Brin's just smiling like she's doing nothing wrong.

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